Thursday, February 08, 2007

Drama in E-town

So this morning we had drama!!!

I was leaving for work when I noticed that the neighbor lady (he he) had mail all over her yard and that the postal side door to the community mailbox was open. It was apparent that either someone had broken into the mailbox or the mail person had left their side open. Since I didn't know which, I contacted my local 911 operator (more on her later) and reported the issue. In addition, I contacted the post office to let them know. They sent someone out right away to "fix" our box. Mark spoke to the man who said that someone had broken in and that it looked like they were targeting one specific person but that they couldn't be absolutely sure. Thankfully for the neighbor lady and us, I check it everyday. We are without a working mailbox currently and have no idea when it will be back in working order. For a person that loves getting mail, not getting any is a nightmare!

The 911 operator had a lot to be desired. She was rude and obviously not happy with her job. In speaking with an authority on 911 call centers, I was told that this "lady" probably had high seniority and felt like taking the call was beneath her. Having some call center experience myself, I had to agree. I am not sure if the black and white ever showed up but it is now in the post office's hands. I am sure that they are going to investigate vigorously!!!

On a separate note...

My students are taking the TAKS writing test on Tuesday. Keep them in your prayers that they will do what I have taught them and not have anxiety about it. They need all the help that they can get.

Hope that everyone out there is doing well and not freezing!