Sunday, July 23, 2006

steal the sideshow (is back!)

hey folks, it's been a while (because of the gettin' hitched and all), but steal the sideshow is back and being updated once again. hopefully, some cool new stuff is coming soon. i hope to start putting together a podcast.

funny thing about podcasts: a while back (about 2-3 years ago), i was thinking: how cool would it be to do an "audio blog" where instead of typing a bunch of meaningless crap, i would just talk (audibly) about a bunch of meaningless crap. well, the day has arrived for all the world to talk a bunch of meaningless crap to the rest of the world, and they call it a podcast. i'm gonna try to do one of those soon. i'm not sure what i'm gonna talk about, or how it will sound, but by-gosh-by-golly i intend to jump that train and ride it to the next station, at least. :)

so, don't forget to put steal the sideshow on your daily internet adventure map. there could just be some buried treasure there someday. i've already put up a new nature post. have fun!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Getting Settled and Sad News

We are settling into married life quite well. Mark is telling everyone that I am a housewife for the summer however I prefer to be retired for the summer. We have our bedroom and most of the kitchen the way that we want it. No pictures really on the wall but that is what being newly married is all about.

I decided that I wanted a new faucet (instead of the builder grade one that came with the house 11 years ago). The old faucet was stuck in the sink so we decided to replace the sink. Well the sink was glued to the counter... Just kidding. It was a week long process that I am glad is behind us.

We purchased the grill and promptly christened it with some delicious strip steaks and our signature potatoes. So good!
Mark and I have turned on the comment approval. If you leave a comment it will not show up until Mark or I approve it. Just wanted to let everyone know so you aren't leaving multiple comments and wondering why they aren't showing up.

In sad news...

Rose Mary passed away on July 5. As many of you know she had been really sick for a long time. She was an interesting lady with some quirks. Rose Mary gave us plenty of material over the years. What! I wonder what he is thinking. Is that a speck of dust over there?

I spent a lot of time with Rose Mary when she lived here. No matter how hard she was to take she is dear to me and I will miss her. I know that she is with her Clay. They are probably enjoying a smoke and a drink like she wanted to.

Rest in peace Rose Mary 1922 - 2006. You will be missed.