Friday, April 28, 2006

The search is over!

After many stops and a lot of tears the search is over for the perfect dress. I cannot go into much detail here for obvious reasons however if anyone (other than the groom) would like to see a picture then email me.

The other exciting thing is that we have our cakes and will get to eat them. For the bride's cake it will be white on white butter cream icing. The designs on each layer are different but blend together nicely. On the bottom layer it will be almond cake with raspberry filling. On the middle layer it will be white chocolate cake with apricot filling. On the top layer (that you will only get to taste if you are around us on June 15, 2007) is almond cake with Bavarian cream filling. For the groom's cake we will enjoy German chocolate cake with Bavarian cream filling frosted with butter cream icing. The best part of the groom's cake is the double-dipped chocolate covered strawberries! YUMMY!

We think that we have decided on the music for the wedding. We will have more updates on that once things are firmed up.

This weekend we are going to visit Cole Phillips. Cole is the pastor of The Connection Church in Kyle, TX. Mark and Cole went to school together from elementary school on and have been friends since then. Cole has very graciously agreed to be the officiant. For those that were wondering about the big news that Mark was referring to in a previous post, this is it.

Invitations have been received and are correct. They are all addressed and should go out this week.

Things are coming together nicely.

Friday, April 21, 2006

A hitch in the giddy up...

The most exciting thing thus far arrived on Thursday ~ the invitations. Woohoo...right? WRONG! Apparently the girl that took my order thought that I wanted half of the invites in purple and half in maroon (or claret as they call it). I think that it was her way of getting back at me. She was rude and I told her. She didn't realize that I worked in phone customer service for 10 1/2 years and will not take crap from phone service people. They tried to make me pay half for the mistake however again they didn't know my background. Gladly (and with no additional charge) she is sending out new invites and they should be here next week. All those years on the phone at American really paid off!

We go about the cake next week. I think I will like that part, all the tasting!

Love you all!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


We have started working on our marital house. We wanted to paint so we started in one of the bedrooms that we are converting into our "home office." After much debate (and a small argument in the paint store) we settled on leisure blue. It is a blue grey color. For amateurs I will say that the walls look pretty nice however where the ceiling meets the walls - not so good. Painting is fun but all the other stuff is the pain (cleaning, taping, etc). We will keep going though. We have picked totally tan for the master bedroom and interactive cream for the master bath. I know that they will look nice with our bedroom furniture. I have added a photo of the furniture but you must picture it in black. We will probably start that when I am on spring break. This week is the dreaded TAKS test for reading and math. Pray for my kids. They need all the help that they can get.

The invites have been ordered and are scheduled to be shipped on Wednesday. We will just have to address and mail so in a few weeks keep an eye out.

Thanks to the Evol G for dropping off her Martha Stewart Weddings from the past 5 years with favor ideas. I think that we have some great ideas for favors. I knew my girls would come through with some amazing ideas.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

All dressed in...white?

I thought that since Mark had put 2 things up that I should probably add something since I am the one that bugged him to get this thing going.

I am about to embark on the dress hunt. The clothing hunt of all hunts. I am wanting something tradional but not over the top. Something in a traditional color just not bright white. Something that hides all my flaws and makes me look darn good. Did I mention that I also want it cheap? Hopefully the dress that I am dreaming of is the first one that I find...

Once I have the dress then it will be off to everything else. Flowers. Ring. Hair. Jewelry. Food. The list goes on and on.

I have the girls thinking up favors. I know that they will come through for me because they always do. It will be fantastic.

We should get the invite proof tomorrow and then the order will be placed! Yeah!

THANKS to all that have commented. We love hearing from you and are so thankful that we have such wonderful people in our lives. Thanks also to those that just look but don't comment...we know you are out there.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Another Step Down the Aisle

We have a couple of new things to talk about today.

We have ordered our invitations. I'm not sure when they are supposed to be done. I know we haven't seen a proof yet, so I imagine we've got at least a couple of weeks before they are printed and shipped to us. We will be prepared to get them mailed out as soon as they arrive. We'll also post a note here to let you know to check your snail mail, so keep an eye out.

Also, I've added a "Registries" section to the sidebar. The sidebar? Yeah. That thing over there to the left in your browser window. You know, underneath where it says "Mark and Kimberly Get Married." You can't miss it.

There are more things in the works, expect another exciting announcement in a few days.

Things are moving right along, and we are so glad to be able to share information with all of you this way. We also appreciate the comments and well-wishes we've received here. Feel free to keep them coming. We love hearing from you.