Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sorry for the long delay between posts. Things have been busy and hectic to say the least.

There is lots going on around our neck of the woods. School is busy. We are pretty well settled in and just plugging along on the curriculum. We are have 5 school days until the holiday break. I honestly can't wait. I think that all of us need a break from each other and from the daily grind of school. The kids are getting burnt out and that means that they start to act up.

We did have one of the most interesting things happen that I have ever experienced as a teacher (and a person really). We had a musher from Alaska come to visit. My school mascot is the husky and we are very proud of that. We follow the iditarod every year and each class follows a musher. Doug brought his practice sled, a lot of gear and the best of his dogs. He has a kennel of about 20 but brought the most beautiful Alaskan Husky named Nightlight. He talked about Alaska. Doug really thought it was great how we were so cold when it was 45 out. He said that it was shorts weather. He walked the kids through a race and told them some very funny stories about snot-cicles, throwing coffee in -45 degree weather and it exploded. My 3rd graders were so interested in what he had to say that they hardly moved for his whole presentation. Hearing him talk about Alaska made me want to go there. Maybe someday.

We are getting ready for Christmas. We have a big tree and it lights up the living room (and some of the backyard). We will be getting together with the family and enjoying the season.

Hope everyone has a great holiday and a wonderful new year!